Our mission is to understand our clients’ unique objectives, and to secure solutions to meet them by providing tailored, professional real estate services using our extensive market knowledge and experience.

Market Strengths

Over the years, T.C.B. International Inc. has formed solid alliances and relationships with many of the most formidable real estate people in Montreal. T.C.B. International Inc. tailors its real estate experience and knowledge to best meet the unique needs of each client.


Unlike most traditional real estate companies, T.C.B. International Inc. believes that real estate decisions must be driven by identifying our clients’ financial and operational objectives, and not only by the need to complete a transaction. It is our role as your real estate partner to help you identify and secure solutions that will optimise your position and best meet your objectives.


Our success is built on one simple premise: know your market and understand how to respond to your clients’ needs. The real estate services offered by T.C.B. International Inc. are founded on professionalism, the highest standard of service, up-to-date market information, and innovative solutions that achieve our clients’ objectives.

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